Developers of curriculum, tools and other educational products to address the problem of abuse among individuals with disabilities.

Safe Life Project

A research-based program promoting success by addressing physical, social and emotional well-being 

Use this program to teach skills for... 

abuse prevention

personal safety

problem solving/reporting

healthy/safe relationships 

Designed to help teachers, family members, & agencies as they work to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Break this up into bubbles around raised hands??

Individuals with disabilities have the right to have safe, healthy and happy relationships, just like anyone else. Abuse should not happen. 

Don’t wait for abuse to happen – do something to prevent it. Education is power and everyone can learn. 

Do something to empower children, teens, young adults and older adults. Give them skills that can help them to protect themselves from abuse and develop safe and healthy relationships.  

the goal

To empower individuals with disabilities, including autism, with skills and knowledge that will stop abuse and develop safe, healthy and happy daily life relationships - achieving positive and productive lifestyle outcomes in the basic quality of life domains – including physical, social, emotional, mental, and civic well-being.

our mission

To develop effective, easy to use educational materials and tools that will engage individuals with disabilities and help them to develop and apply skills for

abuse prevention, personal safety, problem solving/reporting, and

healthy/safe relationships 

 to their everyday lives. 

Teachers, Administrators, Families - Don't miss this!

Do you work with individuals who have a disablity or Autism? We can help you.

You asked for it...  

Second Edition Now Available!

Subscribe to or purchase this curriculum and use to make a positive & powerful difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities. 


Abuse of individuals with disabilities - 

here are some facts...

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